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  • How the Referral Hall Works
    Updated On: Feb 04, 2020

    Here is how the call list works:

    You will be assigned by the Business Agent to one of four lists.

    A= Full availability  B= Usually available

      C= Limited availability D= Probationary/New Hire

    Note: If you feel you may be on the wrong list, you must contact the business agent in writing and request to be moved to a different list. (Changing your availability on your annual renewal form will have no effect on what list you are on.)

    Each week the referral list is rotated based on the following codes:

    (the people with the lowest numbers from the previous week will be moved to the top of the list.)

    0 Not offered a call

    1 Notified us in advance that you would be unavailable.

    2 Called waiting for call back (this becomes a 5 if you do not call back)

    3 Called and accepted the call

    4 Called and turned down the call

    5 Called but never called back

    6 No Show or called off at last minute

    As you can see, never calling back or changing your mind at the last minute is worse than turning the job down.

    Other things you can do to make sure you get the maximum number of calls.

    1 Call or text back promptly as soon as you are contacted.

    If you wait too long the job will be given to someone else.

    2 Keep us up to date if your availability changes.

    For those on the A list, call or text the hotline anytime you know in advance you will not bee available.  For those on the other three lists, call or text the hotline if you will be unavailable for an entire week (Monday thru Sunday).

    3 Accept calls when offered.

    Turning down calls will move you lower on the list or even to a lower list.

    4 Enable text option for your cell phone.

    It is much quicker for the call steward to text you than to call you.

    5 Pay dues/fines/renewal on time.

    You will be removed from the list entirely if you become six (6) months in arrears.

    6 Learn new skills.

    More jobs are available for those with specialized skills.


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