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  • Work Rules
    Updated On: Feb 04, 2020

    The following are rules governing work gained through I.A.T.S.E. Local 115, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Tallahassee and Gainesville, Florida.  These rules are not part of the constitution and may be amended by a simple majority vote at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

     A.       BUSINESS AGENT

     The Business Agent shall be responsible for the daily Operation of this Referral System.  The Business Agent may delegate responsibility to a representative (hereinafter Call Steward).

     B.       REFERRALS

                1.         Local 115 maintains a three category rotation call list:

    a.      Full time Stagehand - Unlimited Availability

    b.      Part time Stagehand with a part time or full time job outside the trade – Usually Available

    c.      Part Time Stagehand with full time job outside the trade - Limited Availability

    2.         All referrals will be made in accordance with the Uniform Rules and Regulations Hiring Hall system.

    3.         Referrals will be made as jobs become available.  Please do not call the office if you are already on the rotation list.

    4.         It is your responsibility to notify the Local if your availability status changes.

    5.         All original work calls shall come through the Business Agent, Call Steward or other authorized agent of Local 115. 

    6.         Confirmation of work calls shall come through the Business Agent, Call Steward or other authorized agent of Local 115.  Confirmation calls should be made as soon as referral is received.  The Business Agent’s phone number is (904) 372-3115. The Call Steward’s phone number is (904) 438-4115.   www.iatse-115.com

    7.         These numbers are NOT to be used as a work number. 

    8.         Job Stewards are representatives of I.A.T.S.E. Local 115 on any work calls.  Job Stewards may give all persons repeat work calls.  Should this occur, workers will not be contacted by the Local's office. 

    9.         As authorized representatives of Local 115, any problems, questions, etc. that arise on any work call should be addressed to the Job Steward, not to other workers or directly to Employers. 

    10.       All questions and complaints regarding how work calls are filled should be addressed to the Business Agent of Local 115 only. 


    All registrants shall be held accountable for their conduct.  In some cases offenses may result in a fine or removal from the Referral Hall list. 


    1.         Quitting a job, except good cause, without giving the Business Agent forty-eight (48) hours notice.

    2.         Failure to show up for work, except for good cause, after accepting a referral.

    3.         Consumption of alcohol or use of controlled substances at work.*

    4.         Under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances at work.*

    5.         Use of Tobacco products except at break in designated areas.

    6.         Theft at work.

    7.         Fighting at work.

    8.         Termination for just cause.

    9.         Tardiness. 

    10.       Inappropriate Dress

    11.       Failure to bring required tools.

    12.       Use of cell phone without permission

    13.       Failure to maintain equipment

    * Failure to take or showing positive when requested to take a drug or alcohol test shall result in an immediate, mandatory thirty (30) day suspension from the Hiring Hall Referral list.  To be reinstated to the call list one must attend a fifteen (15) day Rehabilitation Program and pass (prove negative) the test prior to returning to work.  A second offense will result in immediate permanent termination from the referral list.      

    D.        MISCELLANEOUS                  

    1.         All persons are required to report to the Job Steward at the job site 15 minutes prior to the announced call time.  If you are not ready to work at the appointed call time you are considered late and the employer can send you home and you are subject to a fine equal of $20.00.  Failure to appear at a work call that has been accepted is subject to a fine of $80.00.  

    2.         All persons are required to remain at the job site until released by the Job Steward as per the employer.  Any person who leaves a job site prior to release without approval from the Job Steward shall be reported to the Local's office and shall be removed from the Referral list for thirty (30) days. 

    3.         Dress should be appropriate for the job or as reasonably requested by the employer. All persons are required to be neat and well groomed.   T-shirts must have sleeves and be in a non-mutilated condition, and must carry no offensive phrases or graphics.  Jeans are acceptable as long as they are not torn or ripped and are in good condition.  For safety reasons, large jewelry is not recommended and long hair must be tied back.  Shorts are not acceptable for calls in hotels at any time.  A persons not wearing appropriate attire for the assigned job, may be fined $20 and asked to leave, without compensation.

    4.         All persons are required to arrive at work calls with adequate tools to perform assigned jobs.  Adequate tools shall be defined as the following: 

    Hammer                                            Pliers  
    Adjustable Wrench                             Pencil  and Ballpoint Pen
    Tape Measure - 25' min.                     Arrow JT-21 Staple Gun        
    Utility Knife                                       Phillips and Slot head Screwdrivers  
    Pry Bar                                             Wire Cutters (Diagonal)         
    Set - Metric Allen Wrenches                Set - Standard Allen Wrenches

    ANSI Approved Hardhat                     Tool Belt or Nail Apron

    ¼” Ratchet Set (No Larger) with 5mm Hex and Torx 30 tips.

    Additional tools for decorating call's: top carpet cutter & loop pile cutter, 
    Journeymen only - Cordless screw gun (12 volts or higher, plus bits).

    Failure to have these tools will subject the person to removal from the call with no compensation and/or a fine of $20.00. 

    5.         Getting to and from the job site is the responsibility of each individual.  The Local's office assumes no responsibility for arranging transportation or schedules for any individual’s specific needs. 

                6.         I.A.T.S.E. Local 115 is not the employer.  Individual employers have different pay schedules.  If there are any questions as to the expected day of pay, these should be referred to the Job Steward.  If any person desires to have his/her paycheck mailed, they must supply the Local’s office with self-addressed stamped envelopes. 

    7.         Local 115 will keep a copy of your I-9 and W4 on file in case the employer misplaces your forms between the job and payroll.  We send these forms to the employer to get you paid quicker.  It’s important to keep your tax information current. 

    8.         If you move you should inform the Referral Hall.  Any correspondence will be sent to the address we have on file. Such mailings will constitute official notice. 

    9.         Not all employers take out the 5.5% Referral Hall fee.   You will be notified quarterly if these fees are not withheld.  Failure to pay within 15 days of notification will result in a $5 fine.

    10.       No smoking or chewing of tobacco products are allowed on the work site.   A designated area will be noted for break times only.  Use of tobacco products outside of specified break times and places may result in a $20 fine.

    11.       Except for Stewards, cell phones and beepers should not disrupt the normal work day.  Should this occur, you may be subject to a $20 fine.

    12.       Cleaning and restoring equipment: You are responsible for leaving the equipment in the same, or better, condition in which you found it.  All work areas must be kept clean.  A fine of $20 may be imposed for each infraction. 

    13.       You are not being paid to learn a job.  To become qualified in more areas (rigging, follow spot, dimmer board, sound, etc.), attendance at classes (when offered) and voluntary, supervised training during show conditions is mandatory.


    In the event that someone fails to appear for a call for which they are scheduled, the following steps shall be followed: 

    1.         The Job Steward shall attempt to contact the missing person. 

    2.         If attempts fail, the Job Steward shall contact the Business Agent who shall replace the missing person.

    3.         The Business Agent shall then contact the person who missed the call and assess the reason for the absence.  If the Business Agent finds that the absence was not excused, he/she should document the discussion including date, time, and excuse given.  He/She should then inform the employee that a fine is being assessed, the amount of the fine, the time and process for appeal, and the consequences of not paying the fine. 

    4.         The Business Agent shall submit a report containing the above documentation to the Secretary Treasurer. 


    1.         A fine of $80.00 will be assessed for an unexcused absence from a work call.        

    2.         The person being fined will be given 30 days from the date of notification to appeal the decision to the Grievance Committee of Local 115. 

    3.         If the fine is not appealed,  or if the fine is appealed and the Grievance Committee supports the decision of the Business Agent.  The person will be notified on their next quarterly statement. 

    4.         If the Grievance Committee overturns the fine, they shall notify the Secretary Treasurer in writing to strike the fine from the records.


    1.         Having been notified of a financial obligation, failure to pay by the 15th day of that Quarter will result in a fine being added to your account.

                Stamps $25, Fines $10, Dues $5.

    2.         Any financial obligation being reported for the third consecutive quarter will be accompanied by a letter stating that the person has been removed from the referral list.

    3.         In order to be restored to the referral list, a person must pay all financial obligations and submit a written request to the Business Agent.  The Business Agent will then determine whether to restore the person, or permanently remove that person from the referral list.

    4.         The Secretary Treasurer shall monitor all payroll reports to insure that the delinquent person does not work until the debt is paid. 

    5.         The Business Agent may seek permission from at least three members of the Executive Board in order to call people thus censured for a specific job.  Under no other conditions will such people be allowed to work until they have met their financial obligation to the Local. 

     H.       APPEAL PROCEDURES      

    1.         A written appeal must be submitted to the Local within 30 days of the date of notification of fine. 

    2.         The Grievance Committee shall meet within 30 days of receipt of the written appeal for review of the appeal. 

    3.         A majority vote of at least three Grievance Committee members shall rule on the appeal. 

    4.         The written ruling of the Grievance Committee shall be forwarded to the Secretary Treasurer.      

    5.         The ruling of the Grievance Committee shall be final.

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